Random Pattern Cutting Board


What started as an attempt to make a brick pattern cutting board, ended up as a “random” pattern with curly cherry ends. The side grain board consists of walnut, cherry, and maple.

The process started by gluing a sandwich of (2) pieces of roughly 3/4″ walnut for every 1/4″ of maple of cherry or maple. One of the ends only received only one piece of walnut.


The assembly was un-clamped and ripped into (4) pieces using the table saw. They pieces were glued together again with another piece of cherry or maple in the middle. The side with (1) walnut was flipped in each column to create an brick and mortar like offset pattern.


I added curly cherry ends to increase the size of the board. These ends are face grain instead of side but since they won’t be seeing the knife much, it shouldn’t be an issue. A healthy dose of drum and random orbital sander was subsequently applied.


The board was soaked in mineral oil for (6) hours and finished with a beeswax and mineral oil mix.


Ping pong balls as diffusers


A quick project to produce pleasant colors for a kids’ room. The ping pong balls are the cheap, non-nitrocellulose version so they aren’t extremely flammable!

ping_pong_3_resizedI used a tanto blade to make a small hole and the press fit 100 RGB LEDs in there. The led strip controller has a few different animations that one can play around with. The results are awesome considering the whole process only took about an hour!